Because You Cheated

You sensed something was wrong. The short replies, the very apparent disinterest. What once was a strong flame is now but a sad, twinkling ember of a passion that once was. Then, your worst fear and creeping suspicion is confirmed – there’s someone else. Time goes on, you get back up and attempt to mend together the pieces of your broken heart through dead-end dates and rebounds. But you can’t seem to shake the one that did you wrong. Then you get a text months later – “Hey. Hope you’re doing well.” Maybe we can just meet for coffee and see how it goes…
Contains: Habanero peppers, tomatillos, serrano peppers, and jalapeƱo peppers

How Hot?

Medium: Friends with benefits – nothing serious, but still having a real good time.
Scoville Scale: 600,000

Plays Well With

Tacos and breakfast foods.


Bottle size

5 oz