Back to square one… Alone, but don’t want to be. Getting back with the ex didn’t work out. Maybe chat up some old flings? No. They’re now in relationships. The one that isn’t, left you on read. Why is it so difficult to find a genuine person who’s compatible with you? You get lucky and find someone through a popular dating website that you just click with. Awesome! You chat for a few weeks, go on a date or two. This is great, you can’t believe you were about to give up hope. Of course there was someone out there waiting for you. One day, there’s a change in tone, messages come less and less frequently. Maybe they’re just busy, that’s okay. Everyone gets busy, right? But now you’re getting no response. At all. Alright. You get the hint. Back to square one…
Contains: Trinidad Scorpion peppers

How Hot?

Hot: Going steady – this might hurt in the end, but what’s life without risks?
Scoville: 1,000,000

Plays Well With

Tacos, steak, chicken.


Bottle size

5 oz