Still Single

So, you met someone. Things are going great! Romantic nights out, passionate nights in, and everything in between. You just click with this person. It’s like a fairytale, what could go wrong? Then it happens. One day those rose-colored glasses slip off your smiling, hopeful face. You see the ugly truth after a seemingly small disagreement. Suddenly, you start to wonder about all those “awful” exes you heard all about. What was their side of the story? Maybe this person isn’t the perfect prince or princess you thought you were falling for. Now when your friends ask how things are going with so-and-so or how your love life is, you’re back to replying, “Still Single…”
Here’s to the wild journey of sweet beginnings, and unexpected, heated endings.
Contains: Contains: Tomatillos, habanero peppers, jalapeño peppers, and serrano peppers

How Hot?

Mild: Just friends – little to no heat but all the flavor.
Scoville: 200,000

Plays Well With:

Everything: the balance of sweet and heat makes this one enjoyable as an add-in to any condiment. Also try it in a sandwich or in any crock-pot recipe, if you’re felling really wild.


Bottle size

5 oz