This Is My Revenge

You’ve finally had enough. You’re tired of the lies and games. You’re tired of constantly thinking everything is your fault. You’ve spent years trying to make things work. You’ve spent endless nights on dating apps or at bars looking for “the right one” to try to distract you and ease the pain. Enough is enough. It’s time to move on, for good. But before you do, make one last farewell meal. Then, just when they think everything will be okay, your fiery revenge hits them. Now you can finally move on. You’ve gotten your closure – burning them like they’ve burned you so many times before.
Contains: Trinidad Scorpion peppers

How Hot?

Heartbreaker: The one that got away – tears, so many tears. And regrettable, drunken text messages. You’ll recover, but you’ll always remember this one.
Scoville: 3,000,000

Plays Well With:

Salads, avocado, anything served with sour cream.


Bottle size

5 oz